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Get ready for liftoff

SkyHi is a distilled product with a high percentage of THC and terpenes extracted from the same strain (strain-specific), featuring special characteristics that make it a unique product in the medical cannabis industry in Puerto Rico.

Sky Hi Pod

SkyHi Pod

500mg | Híbrida | Índica | Sativa

SkyHi s50 cartridge

SkyHi 510 Cartridge

(1g | Índica | Sativa)

SkyHi Shatter

(1g | Índica | Sativa)

SkyHi Crumble

(1g | Índica | Sativa)

SkyHi Wax

(1g | Índica | Sativa)

SkyHi Chocolate Bar

(100mg | 250mg Milk | Milk & Toffee Dark Vegan Sugar Free)