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As part of Draco Rosa Holistic, the Monte Sagrado line has the ideal balance of cannabinoids and terpene profile that allows patients to manage pain. Due to its high CBD content, patients will experience a relaxing effect while finding a good balance between the mind and body.

  • Monte Sagrado Vape Oil
    (500mg | 70% THC/ 10% CBD)
  • Monte Sagrado Tincture 15ml/30ml
    (800mg CBD/ 200mg THC)

“Esta alternativa natural me ayuda a sobrellevar otras condiciones y tener una mejor calidad de vida.”

Draco Rosa

Mad Love Sensual Oil

(10ml | 150mgTHC)

Mad Love CO2 Vape


Mad Love Massage Oil

(30mg THC | 30mg CBD)

Mad Love Choco Bites

(15mg THC | 10mg CBD)