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Active, Balanced, Relaxed

There is an ACTIVE BALANCED RELAXED product for any need, at any time of the day.
Every patient has specific needs, and understanding that, we've designed a product line categorized by simple names that easily describe their function. This allows patients various 'Full Spectrum' alternatives within a single brand that is active, balanced, and relaxed.

Active Tinture

Active Tincture

(Sativa 15ml)

Balanced Tincture

(Híbrido 15ml)

Relaxed Tincture

Relaxed Tincture

(Híbrido 15ml)

Relaxed Gencaps

(Sativa 25mg)

Active Gencaps

(Híbrido 25mg)

Balanced Cartridge

(Híbrido 500mg)

Active Cartridge

Active Cartridge

(Sativa 500mg)

Reelaxed cartridge

Relaxed Cartridge

(Híbrido 500mg)