The cGMP regulations' main objective is to guarantee that the pharmaceuticals that reach the patient are safe, effective, reliable and of the highest quality. To ensure this, the levels of active ingredients in the finished product must meet specific parameters, the manufacturing process must be consistent lot to lot, and every step of the process is strictly monitored and documented. This way, we ensure our patients receive the same dosage of the active ingredient every time.

NextGen Pharma has designed a wide array of products based on different cannabis strains (e.g. indica, sativa, hybrid) which contain different levels of active ingredients (e.g. THC, CBD) and uses. Our products have a simple naming system for easy reference.

During the first phase of operation, NextGen plans on having 60% of its production dedicated to GEN1, which has a proportion of THC/CBD that possesses therapeutic effects favored by physicians and backed by several clinical trials.




Presentation and Description


To be consumed by inhalation, packed in opaque, child-proof, tamper-proof, 5g, containers


Cannabis oil for easy inhalation, packed in cartridges of 500mg and 1g


Chocolates, cookies and candies packed and sealed in opaque, child-proof, containers.


Our products are subject to the following tests:




The tests aforementioned are complimentary and additional to those required by the Department of Health in Regulation 8766, which will be performed by an independent certified laboratory.

Guaranteeing the quality of our pharmaceutical products is as important as guaranteeing patients’ access to the product at reasonable prices. We plan to achieve that by maximizing production by using a hybrid model which combines agricultural advantages from indoor and outdoor growing. We have designed and eco-friendly operation model which favors the recycling of materials, water conservation during the cultivation and production process and minimizing solid waste.