About Us

NexGen Pharma is born from the vision of its founding partners to create a new pharmaceutical industry in Puerto Rico, making use of the extensive experience and knowledge of our workers in the regulatory framework for quality compliance of the industry, and apply it to the research, development and manufacture of and high-quality cannabis derivatives for medical use. This company emerges as an answer to Regulation No. 8766 of the Department of health of Puerto Rico to provide innovative alternatives that improve the quality of life and ensure the wellness of thousands of puertorrican patients.

NextGen Pharma aspires to become the leader in cannabis growing and extraction, production and distribution of pharmaceutical grade cannabis derivatives.

At NextGen Pharma, we consider ourselves intermediaries and facilitators, and we aspire to provide our patients the unique healing power of cannabis.

Our Mission and Commitment to Our Patients:

  • Provide products with pharmaceutical-grade quality.
  • Increase access to our products, at reasonable prices for patients.
  • Encourage scientific analysis and research on medical cannabis.
  • Develop new medical cannabis strains and agricultural techniques adequate for our tropical climate.
  • Boost the development of a new local pharmaceutical industry.
  • Establish alliances with the academic community which foster research and development cannabis derivatives and clinical trials about its effects.
  • Provide new tools for physicians and patients to integrate to the treatment plans for several illnesses, many of them which are debilitating.
  • Support the collection of data about the use of medical cannabis, its effects and health benefits.